BioPharm International-08-01-2009

Pfizer Tackles Lean and Six Sigma

A better method for trend analysis than CUSUM and control charts.

Select the best approach to determine critical quality attributes.

From the Editor

August 01, 2009

Perhaps the best way to regulate drugs is to regulate them not conservatively or liberally, but effectively.

A case study in capturing indirect costs and benefits.

The Bilski and Classen decisions can render numerous in vitro diagnostic claims unpatentable.

Outsourcing Insights

August 01, 2009

Contract research, development, and manufacturing organizations betting on a comeback in venture capital financing will have a long wait.

Regulatory Beat

August 01, 2009

Pressures to reduce healthcare spending generates proposals to spur competition, cut costs.

Expression Systems

August 01, 2009

Companies often wait for a critical mass before adopting new technologies. But if no one takes the risk, critical mass will never be reached.