BioPharm International-01-01-2012

Therapeutic Vaccines

Compliance Notes

January 01, 2012

Contract organizations must have highly organized teams and plans to accommodate today's audits.

From the Editor

January 01, 2012

The benefits of harmonization may be on industry's wish list, but buying into change is another story.

Government plans require investment, partnership, and industry collaboration.

Recombinant technology can be used to produce conjugate vaccines.


January 01, 2012

Has an approval in oncology reignited interest in the recruitment of the immune system in the fight against disease?

Pressure to approve new user fees opens the door to action on drug shortages, prices, and regulation.

This month, we rewind to "Separations Technology Outlook, Part II: Improved Recovery and Greater Purity."

Approaches for risk assessment of extractables and leachables.

Greater emphasis on focus and efficiency for companies as market demands value in 2012.

The authors describe a novel means to control ice nucleation using a sterile cryogenic ice fog.

Perspectives on Outsourcing

January 01, 2012

Some recent private-equity buyouts of CROs show both the upside and downside for investors.