Breathing Life into Biopharma: Oxygen Sensors for Success

As the global demand for cell culture continues to grow year after year, experts are developing new tools to ensure the environment for growing cells can be improved through continuous monitoring and control.

Enhance Accuracy by Eliminating Noisy Oxygen Measurements in Fermentation and Cell Culture

Air and oxygen bubbles in bioreactors and fermentation vessels can cause substantial noise on signals from dissolved oxygen sensors, leading to a significant negative impact on processes. In this white paper, we examine a unique solution that eliminates DO sensor signal noise and outline a case study on the solution’s implementation.

5 Ways Shifting from Analog to Digital Sensors Optimizes Bioprocessing

Digital measurements provide real-time sensor health diagnostics, improve measurement reliability and enhance process control capabilities. Get the guide to see 5 specific ways that digital sensors improve bioprocessing.

Analytical Measurements for Conventional and Single-Use Bioreactors

This guide explains how biopharmaceutical production and bioprocessing trends demand flexibility and consistency in R&D, scale-up, and production processes, requiring optimization through analytics. METTLER TOLEDO's sensor range meets these requirements, covering various reactor types, from benchtop bioreactors to stainless steel reactors and single-use bags.

A Guide to the Importance, Background and Theory of Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Measurement

CO2 impacts extracellular and intracellular pH and can directly and indirectly effect glycosylation patterns and molecule stability. This guide to CO2 gives an overview of the role that dissolved carbon dioxide measurement can play in bioprocess development, scale-up and manufacturing.

Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice of Oxygen Measurement

Dependable in-line measurement of oxygen levels in liquid and gaseous mixtures is vital for providing continuous, real-time O2 data to enable efficient process control. Our oxygen theory guide provides an overview of oxygen measurement theories, an explanation of amperometric and optical sensor technologies, and much more.

Eliminate Noisy Oxygen Measurements in Bioreactors

This application note demonstrates the efficacy of an in-line optical dissolved oxygen sensor that eliminates signal noise caused by air/oxygen bubbles.

Monitoring & Controlling dCO2 in Cell Culture & Fermentation

Inline dissolved CO2 measurement & monitoring during cell culture and fermentation scale up offers significant benefits for process control, impacting productivity and quality attributes. Real-time dCO2 measurement complements routine dissolved CO2 measurements with a BGA during pre-clinical and commercial operations. This podcast explains why dCO2 should be measured as a critical process parameter, what actions can be taken based on dCO2 measurements, and how to implement real-time dCO2 measurement.