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Introducing the BIOne 10L Single-Use Bioreactor

The BIOne 10L SUB is highly innovative with expanded processing capabilities, ideal for scale-down modeling, material generation, and process optimization.

Characterizing Mixing Dynamics in Bioreactor Systems

Homogeneous environments are essential for successful bioprocesses. Using a benchtop model, we characterized system mixing dynamics and demonstrated the potential of power input and flow direction to effect system homogeneity.

BIOne Benchtop Solutions

Accelerate your upstream process development

Design of Experiments in Upstream Bioprocessing

In this work we demonstrate the effectiveness of Design of Experiment methodology for upstream process development through the execution of transient gene expression optimization and oxygen mass transfer characterization studies.

Upstream Process Development with a kʟa Criterion

It can be challenging to define suitable operational definitions for volume-dependent parameters for upstream bioprocesses. In this work, we perform robust DoE mass-transfer characterization of the BIOne SUB and utilize a kʟa criterion to successfully define such parameters for a HEK-293 process.