Zenith Technologies Expands US Presence

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The company is opening two offices in the United States that will offer serialization, automation, and process control services.

Zenith Technologies, which is headquartered in Cork, Ireland, announced on August 19, 2016 that it was opening two new offices in the United States. The new offices, located in Oakland and San Diego, CA, will deliver localized automation, process control, and serialization technology support services.

The company services small and mid-sized pharma and biotech companies, contract manufacturing organizations, and Big Pharma firms. An increase in demand for automation manufacturing software systems and the growth of the biotech section factored into the decision to expand.

“We are looking forward to bolstering our US presence with the opening of these two new sites as it means we can provide complete coverage of service in the US from coast to coast,” Mike Smith, US sales manager at Zenith Technologies said in a press release. “Expanding into such high growth areas for the life-science and biotechnology industry means it is a really exciting time for our company and a great way to mark a decade of presence in North America.”


Zenith Technologies has 16 offices globally with six offices across the US and approximately 100 employees servicing a diverse client base.

Source: Zenith