West Pharmaceutical Services and Schott Announce Product Collaboration

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Schott will combine its adaptiQ platform with West’s Ready Pack system.

West Pharmaceutical Services, an injectable drug packaging components and delivery systems manufacturer in Exton, PA, announced a partnership with Schott, a technology group and packaging solutions provider, to combine the Schott adaptiQ platform with West’s Ready Pack system.

According to a Nov. 6, 2019 company press release, the technology platforms will enable customizable configurations to meet each group’s requirements, including changing batch sizes or accommodating different container needs, especially for biologic drugs. If the initial combination is successful, the companies will also include other product combinations within the agreement.

West’s Ready Pack system will include NovaPure stoppers, Flip-Off clean, certified, sterilized (CCS) seals, and Schott’s adaptiQ vials, making it suitable for research and development purposes or for small filling operations, according to the release.

“With more than 4000 new injectable drug products in development worldwide, many of which are in small settings such as universities, medical research institutes, or smaller-sized companies, West appreciates and understands the need to provide ready-to-use, high quality, sterile packaging products in small volumes for developmental and clinical phases,” said Mike Schaefers, PhD, vice-president and general manager, Pharma, West, in the press release. “Our partnership with [Schott] now provides our customers with high-quality glass containment options to complement the stoppers, seals, and glass alternatives West already provides through its Ready Pack system.”


“Through this partnership, [Schott] and West have partnered to provide containment solutions to the market that reduce risk and meet the increasing regulations across the globe,” added Fabian Stöcker, vice-president, Global Strategy and Innovation, Schott, in the press release. “We worked together to pre-test combinations of [Schott’s] highest quality ISO vials, with West’s high-end sterilized stoppers and seals. Extending this concept to other primary packaging containers such as ready-to-use cartridges and ready-to-use syringes will also benefit our customers using this kind of primary packaging.”

Source: West Pharmaceutical Services