WACKER and CordenPharma Consortium Enters Pandemic Readiness

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The companies have completed the expansion and qualification phase and now enter a stand-by phase for five years.

The German government, in 2022, awarded a contract to WACKER, a contract manufacturer, and CordenPharma, a contract development and manufacturing organization, to produce and supply vaccines to prepare for potential future pandemics (1, 2). On June 19, 2024, WACKER and CordenPharma announced that their joint consortium entered the pandemic-readiness state on June 1, 2024 after the expansion and qualification phase. The consortium now enters the stand-by phase for a minimum of five years.

The two companies have taken measures to be able to produce 80 million vaccine doses a year under a short timeframe. A fee will be paid to the two companies to keep their capacity and expertise available for at least five years; the German government will request specific messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines should a need develop.

Vaccines will be jointly produced by WACKER and CordenPharma with production occurring mostly in Germany. WACKER will produce plasmid DNA (pDNA), active pDNA, and lipid nanoparticles at its site in Halle, Germany, which was expanded to accommodate production over the past two years to include a new mRNA Competence Center.

CordenPharma will manufacture custom and standard lipids for the consortium at their Frankfurt, Germany and Chenôve, France sites. Aseptic fill/finish and packaging will be done at CordenPharma’s Caponago, Italy facility. To meet demand, the company invested in expansions in new lipid purification capacity and capabilities using supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and new compounding and freezing equipment. Both companies have also strengthened production security and supplier networks.


“We have expanded our Halle site into a Competence Center for mRNA production,” said WACKER CEO Christian Hartel, in a press release (3). “WACKER has invested over 100 million Euros in this expansion and created over 100 highly qualified jobs. Our expertise in making mRNA and LNPs [lipid nanoparticles] will contribute to the fight against future pandemics. Together with CordenPharma, we are proud to serve the German government in its pandemic preparedness plans.”

“Obtaining the official confirmation of pandemic readiness by the German government is a major milestone for CordenPharma,” said Michael Quirmbach, CEO of CordenPharma Group, in the release. “I am extremely proud of our teams across the CordenPharma sites involved in establishing and delivering our pandemic readiness plan on schedule. We are now ready, together with our partner WACKER, to manufacture end-to-end mRNA-based vaccines for the German government and other customers.”

At the time the contract was awarded, Hartel commented in a press release (1), “We are happy that our expertise in making mRNA vaccines will contribute to the fight against future pandemics. Together with CordenPharma, our partner, we will produce vaccines for Germany should the need arise.”

“WACKER and CordenPharma jointly cover the entire manufacturing chain for mRNA vaccines, which we will supply to the German government if needed. We are proud to contribute to supply security in Germany,” Quirmbach added (1).


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