Vetter Joins United Nations Global Compact

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Vetter has become a participant of the UN Global Compact Network.

Vetter announced on March 6, 2023 that is has become a participant of the UN Global Compact Network. The UN Global Compact was launched in 2000 and is the largest corporate initiative on sustainable business worldwide. More than 15,000 companies and 3000 non-profit organizations from over 160 countries have signed the initiative to date.

A main focus of the UN Global Compact is on the enforcement and implementation of human and employee rights, environmental protection, and the prevention of corruption. By becoming a participant, Vetter gains access to the large network of companies and organizations that are committed to the same corporate goals. Vetter will submit a publicly viewable annual progress report, which will serve as evidence of transparency and accountability.

"As a family-owned business in the healthcare sector, we bear great responsibility,” said Henryk Badack, senior vice president, technical service and internal project management, in a company press release. “And we believe in the power of cooperation. The UN Global Compact combines these two approaches very well and is also a strong commitment to shared values and goals across business sectors and national borders."


Source: Vetter