USP Stresses Pharmacopeial Standards at CPhI China

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The US Pharmacopeial Convention hosts compliance seminar at CPhI China 2015.

The United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) hosted a pharmacopeial and regulatory compliance seminar at the 2015 CPhI China conference, held June 24–26, 2015. Keynote speakers included former FDA officials, USP experts, members of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission, and senior pharmaceutical executives.

The seminar was designed to explain the latest quality standards and regulatory updates to the more than 120 participants. Topics included global harmonization with industry standards and regulations, compliance monitoring, and accountability. The USP requirements for elemental impurities, FDA’s metrics program, and the generic-drug market were also discussed.

USP stressed the need for compliance with global regulations and standards due to the increasing expansion of Chinese pharmaceutical companies. “To address growing demands, USP is committed to helping these companies meet pharmacopeial standards, provide training and certification services to help them comply, and also guide them to contribute towards shaping global standards,” said Dr. Feng Bingbing, chairman of the seminar and USP-China general manager, in a press release.


As part of USP’s commitment to the growth of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, the Convention has built training facilities in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone. “We will strengthen our collaboration with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission and other partners to share knowledge on pharmacopeial standards, promote industry developments, and improve public health,” said Dr. Feng Bingbing.

Source: USP