Triumvirate Environmental and EMD Millipore Enter into Recycling Partnership

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The partnership will help divert 840 tons of waste related to single-use products from landfills or incineration during the next year alone.


Waste stemming from the disposal of single-use products in biomanufacturing will be reduced, thanks to an exclusive partnership between EMD Millipore and Triumvirate Environmental. The single-use products and water purification cartridges from EMD Millipore that were previously incinerated or sent to landfills will now be converted into raw materials for the production of plastic lumber.


Through EMD’s two recycling programs with Triumvirate, EMD predicts it will reduce the amount of waste it produces by 840 tons over the next year. Triumvirate currently serves as the exclusive recycling partner for EMD Millipore on the East Coast, but will soon expand its services to EMD’s biopharmaceutical customers across the United States.

Source: EMD Millipore