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Fast Pharma: Balancing Risk and Quality with Time to Market

The complex journey of pharmaceutical discovery and development ideally leads to successful product commercialization that will address patients’ medicinal needs worldwide, but the path from discovery to launch often requires a careful calculation involving risk and the standardization of quality in a global environment. This article will discuss some of the top challenges facing drug developers and how R&D scientists and procurement specialists are working together to bring new products to market faster while ensuring quality.

Safe at Every Step

The new Drug and Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and other regulations are intended to keep small-molecule and biologic drugs safe in an increasingly fragmented pharmaceutical ecosystem. The complexity of a globalized chemical industry, in which chemicals and reagents used to make a drug may originate in multiple countries, enhances efficiencies but can also increase risks, and regulations may differ from country to country. This ebook will highlight the coming changes in regulations that apply to drug manufacturers, the need for and application of these regulations in both the small-molecule and biologic drug arenas, and the challenges of maintaining a robust, safe drug supply chain.

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