Solentim, ATUM Parnter on Cell Line Development

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Solentim and ATUM will bundle together the Leap-In Transposase platform with the VIPS single cell cloning instrument for cell line development.

Solentim, a provider of cell line development (CLD) instrumentation, and bioengineering company ATUM, announced that Solentim will bundle access to ATUM’s Leap-In Transposase platform together with the Solentim VIPS single cell cloning instrument for cell line development. The new commercial agreement will enable Solentim’s customers worldwide to readily access the Leap-In Transposase technology, the companies stated in an April 20, 2020 press release.

The Leap-In Transposase platform from ATUM enables stable high-titer clones to be isolated while screening orders of magnitude fewer clones than alternative strategies. The technology rapidly catalyzes the stable integration of genes into a target genome. Genes are integrated as multiple independent copies while structural integrity is maintained. This significantly reduces the screening burden required compared with slower, more traditional “random integration” methods where the introduced DNA is randomly fragmented and often rearranged, according to ATUM’s.

Solentim’s VIPS seeding and clonality validation system is optimized to efficiently isolate and track each high-expressing clone, according to Solentim. It performs single-cell seeding into 96 well plates, verifying success by z-stack imaging of the nanoliter (nL) volume droplets and then performing whole-well imaging of the single cell for the regulatory requirements for clonally-derived master cell banks.

“This agreement further cements our partnership with ATUM,” explained Dr. Ian Taylor, chief business officer of Solentim, in the company press release. “Over the past few months, we have seen pharma customers receive the first IND [investigational new drug] approvals using Leap-In Transposase, giving confidence to other customers that Leap-In combined with the VIPS technology is a sound choice when implementing their commercial CLD workflow.”


“We have fully embraced the VIPS technology from Solentim within our own company and it has become a cornerstone of our cell line development process. Solentim has been an outstanding partner to work with and we look forward to expanding our commercial success for Leap-In using their strong brand in CLD and global routes to market,” commented Dr. Jeremy Minshull, CEO of ATUM, in the press release.

Source: Solentim