Siemens and Exyte Collaborate to Provide Modular Biopharma Facilities

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Siemens and Exyte partner for fast-track construction of modular, automated, digitalized biopharmaceutical facilities.

Siemens and Exyte are collaborating to offer end-to-end solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry by combining Siemens’ digitalization expertise with Exyte’s engineering design and the company’s modular technology for rapid construction of biopharmaceutical facilities, the companies announced in a June 9, 2020 press release. The standardized, turnkey solutions are compliant with current good manufacturing practice and good automated manufacturing practice. Currently, the first buildings with Siemens’ technology and ExyCell modules are being designed for cell and gene therapy manufacturing and biologicals production in China and Europe.

Siemens says its process automation platforms will be embedded in the prefabricated, modular facilities. Siemens also offers power supply and fire protection for modular cleanrooms. 

“Our collaboration allows our clients to reap the benefits of industry 4.0 without the necessity of engineering them from scratch each time,” said Luca Mussati, vice-president of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology at Exyte, in the June 9, 2020 press release. He noted that the modules are suitable for new buildings as well as for the retrofit of existing buildings, and are available in standard, off-the-shelf plant configurations, or customized modules.


Source: Siemens