Sanofi Consumer Healthcare Opens Suggestion Portal

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Sanofi’s Open Innovation Portal is designed to promote community feedback and propose novel solutions to various problems in the healthcare landscape.

Sanofi’s consumer healthcare business unit launched the Open Innovation Portal on June 14, 2023. According to a company press release, the intent of this portal is to allow the wider pharma supply chain community—including start-ups, entrepreneurs, research institutions, and more—to submit potential solutions for the consumer healthcare landscape. Persons/entities with successful submissions will be given the opportunity to work as collaborative partners on projects with the consumer healthcare unit at Sanofi.

Current challenge areas that have been identified for the program include sustainable packaging and novel products and technologies. According to the release, the company plans to add new challenges in the areas of digestive wellness, cough, cold & flu, physical & mental wellness, allergy, pain care, personal care, and sustainability.

“A problem shared is a problem halved and the Open Innovation Portal is part of our mission to unlock science to bring health in the hands of millions of consumers and patients,” said Josephine Fubara, chief science officer, Consumer Healthcare, Sanofi. “The Open Innovation Portal will also serve as an opportunity to partner with the brightest and the best to bring some truly transformative ideas to life for our consumers.”


Source: Sanofi