SAFC Introduces New Media System

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The system is compatible with a wide range of industrial CHO cell lines.

SAFC announced on Apr. 7, 2015 that the company has introduced a new fed-batch medium, EX-CELL Advanced CHO Fed-batch System. The new basal media, available with and without glucose, is said to offer “high titers, robust scalability, and uncompromised protein quality,” according to a statement.

"At SAFC we recognize our customers' needs are constantly changing," said Deb Stutz, director of biopharm marketing at SAFC. "We are delighted to launch this product in response to market needs for new levels of speed and performance, while continuing to provide the confidence of a secure and transparent supply chain."

Fed-batch production processes have improved upstream process titers dramatically in recent years. According to some sources, companies have been able to attain antibody concentrations of up to 10–13 g/L using fed-batch processes.  Although batch-fed stainless steel bioreactors remain the preferred choice for the commercial manufacture of therapeutics, according to research by BioPlan Associates, continuous bioprocessing is also emerging as a viable option for upstream activities.


Source: SAFC