Rentschler Puts New Bioreactor Into Play

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The new 2000-L bioreactor will double Rentschler’s single-use manufacturing capabilities.

Rentschler announced on Mar. 23, 2015 that a 2000-L bioreactor that the company commissioned and built in six months is up and running. The bioreactor will be “seamlessly integrated” into existing manufacturing suites containing two 1000-L single-use bioreactors, according to a company statement.

The contract manufacturing and development organization has more than five years of experience with single-use bioreactors and modular design. According to Frank Ternes, chief business officer at Rentschler, the bioreactor was booked months before it was even commissioned. Ternes said the new bioreactor will strengthen the company’s position in single-use biomanufacturing and will help Rentschler meets its goal of manufacturing Phase III clinical supplies and market supplies “completely in single-use.”

Rentschler has been investing heavily in its stainless-steel manufacturing efforts over the past few years, and has already spent 24 million euros on two 3000-L bioreactors in 2014. Its twin bioreactor system-designed for running two main bioreactors in parallel with one shared downstream processing unit-will be functional by 2017. The twin system is estimated to double the company's production capacities for cell culture-derived proteins.