Record Attendance at CPhI Worldwide Reflects Pharma’s Strength

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Germany tops quality ranking in the inaugural CPhI Global Pharma Index.

CPhI Worldwide, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany on Oct. 24–26, 2017, is often used to gauge the overall pharmaceutical industry’s health-a strong event is thought to reflect a prosperous outlook. According to the organizer, UBM, pre-audited figures indicated a record-breaking attendance of more than 44,500 and 2598 exhibitors from more than 169 countries. More than 85% of attendees were international, with more than 6000 people travelling from China and India alone. In fact, 71% of all visitors have purchasing power, with an average annual budget of EUR 3.5 million per department.

In the past three years, CPhI Worldwide has grown its audience base by 10,000 people, pulling in new attendees in the finished formulations and biologics sector-the latter is expected to see further growth with the launch of a new event, BioLive in 2018.

UBM attributes the increase in attendance to its reputation as a meeting platform for pharma businesses and its commitment to introducing the latest technological advances that make CPhI Worldwide easier to navigate. The event recorded more than 56,598 company searches and 952,152 interactions though its supplier finder tools.


The 2017 event also launched the world’s first ever reputation league table of major pharma industries-the CPhI Global Pharma Index-which scores the reputation of the major pharma economies across a range of attributes. Germany, the host country, emerged top of the rankings for pharmaceutical quality in both “APIs” and “finished dosage drugs.” Germany was also voted by the industry as the best country for both “knowledge of its pharma professionals” and “transparency index,” which is a rank of countries with the best regulations, business transparency, and anti-corruption practices. Of the 500 pharma companies surveyed in the CPhI Global Pharma Index, nearly 80% of respondents were either “confident” or “extremely confident” (60%) in their business outlook for 2018, and 84% of companies stated that they are actively looking for new international partners.

Source: CPhI Worldwide