Ready for the Real-World: Middle-Down Analysis for Cell Line Optimization

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Webinar Date/Time: Thu, Feb 8, 2024 11:00 AM EST

Achieve higher productivity in cell line optimization. Learn how a streamlined middle-down mass spectrometry workflow can improve molecular knowledge in less steps.

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Event Overview:

In biotherapeutic development, changing cell culture conditions is necessary to enable simpler, faster and more cost-effective drug delivery to patients. These changes, however, can induce cellular stress and adversely impact product quality, creating additional challenges in manufacturing.

Reliable and streamlined workflows to characterize post-translational modifications (PTMs) are necessary to create a comprehensive molecular profile of a biopharmaceutical. Adopting workflows that provide these critical pieces of information with minimal processing steps allows for less labor intensive characterization of PTMs and reduces the risk of introducing artificial PTMs or other undesirable modifications.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Improve cell line optimization using middle-down fragment analysis
  • Achieve comprehensive structural confirmation of engineered disulfides with middle-down analysis
  • Explore the benefits of subunit workflows for cell line screening

Who Should Attend:

  • Scientists
  • Senior Scientists and Directors in Cell Line Development
  • Cell Line Engineering and Protein Characterization Groups


Hirsh Nanda
Director, Analytical Sciences
J&J Innovative Medicine

Hirsh Nanda is the Director of Analytical Sciences at Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicines. Hirsh joined J&J in 2015. In his current role, he leads an Analytical Sciences group supporting research and development of biologic therapeutics, including cell line engineering and development. His team performs in-depth mass spectroscopy and biophysical characterization across modalities and next-generation therapies.

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