Quattroflow Single-Use Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps Use Polymeric Pump Chamber

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Plastic pump chamber is a cost-effective alternative for biopharmaceutical applications.

Quattroflow’s 1200SU-M Series Single-Use Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps are now available with polyethylene (PE) pump chambers. The injected-molded PE pump chambers are a more cost-effective alternative to standard, solid plastic pump chambers, and are assembled under controlled and clean conditions.  Equipped with a product-wetted plastic-pump chamber that can be replaced as a complete unit, Quattroflow 1200SU-M Series single-use pumps have been specifically designed to meet the needs of bio/pharmaceutical applications. The simple disposal of the pump chamber saves time and money, removing the need for extensive cleaning, sterilization, and complex cleaning validation.

Source: Quattroflow