Quartic.ai Introduces AI Platform for Process Manufacturing Operations at INTERPHEX 2019

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The Quartic Platform is a new, AI-powered smart manufacturing platform that can be integrated into legacy facilities and manufacturing processes.

Quartic.ai, a full-stack industrial artificial intelligence (AI) and industrial internet of things (IIoT) provider, launched the Quartic Platform, a new AI-powered smart manufacturing platform, at INTERPHEX 2019 in New York City. According to the company, the platform is the first to be built specifically for operational technology (OT) users, allowing manufacturers to upgrade their legacy processes and facilities with smart technology and offering the potential for increased productivity as well as reduction in manufacturing costs.

The developers of the Quartic Platform created and built it using their background and knowledge in manufacturing equipment and processes. Founded in 2016 by a veteran team of process manufacturing and leading data scientists, Quartic.ai aims to make AI deployment easy by integrating seamlessly with OT systems and providing distributed learning at the Edge, Fog, and in the cloud. With the Quartic Platform, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can create and deploy AI applications without requiring the continuous involvement of data scientists, according to the company in an April 2, 2019 press release.

The company reports that manufacturers looking to build sustainable digital manufacturing solutions face two key challenges: making data generated by legacy assets and OT systems ready for AI; and acquiring data science and related programming skills. The Quartic Platform solves these challenges by enabling engineers and SMEs to translate their experience and knowledge into AI applications without extensive data science experience.

The platform, which supports distributed deployment at the Edge, Fog, and Cloud, comprises the following two key components:


  • Quartic illuminator is an industrial internet of things (IIoT) data pipeline that dynamically creates asset context for data from IIoT, OT, manufacturing execution system (MES), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) information and makes its machine learning and analytics ready for SMEs to focus on creating value and unlocking intelligence.

  • Quartic eXponence is an intelligence engine that combines automated machine learning, complex event processing (CEP), and a sophisticated rules engine to create asset intelligence.

“By building the industry’s first automated AI platform that looks, feels, and behaves like the OT systems that manufacturing SMEs are familiar with, we enable them to accelerate digital transformation of their manufacturing systems,” explained Rajiv Anand, co-founder and CEO of Quartic.ai, in the press release. “The new Quartic Platform will allow a wider audience of manufacturing SMEs to accelerate building and deployment of AI application.”

Source: Quartic.ai