Quantum-Si Launches Platform Enhancements for Protein Sequencer

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The addition of another amino acid recognizer as well as improvements in surface chemistry, reagents, and software expand the proteome coverage of Quantum-Si’s Platinum sequencing platform.

On Feb. 5, 2024, Quantum-Si, a US-based protein sequencing company, announced the launch of new platform enhancements for its Platinum protein sequencing platform. The new enhancements, Protein Sequencing Kit V2, allow for:

  • increased sequencing performance with assay improvements, which include the addition of a new amino acid recognizer
  • the ability to identify unknown proteins with advanced analytical and inference tools
  • high reproducibility across runs
  • approximately a three-fold reduction in cost per amino acid.

In tandem with the launch, the company’s CEO and executive team released a video outlining the recent enhancements, highlighting the significance of the newly launched kits. The team also outlines the company’s strategic initiatives for 2024. The video can be viewed on the company’s website.

“Our newly introduced capabilities will provide researchers with additional insights into the proteome that have the potential to unlock scientific discovery only possible at the level of single amino acid recognition,” said Jeff Hawkins, CEO, Quantum-Si, in a company press release. “With Platinum, we are striving to make protein sequencing accessible to every lab everywhere, and, now, with our V2 Sequencing Kits, more insights are possible with greater cost efficiency so that even more scientists can easily incorporate Platinum into their workflow.”

“These advancements not only ensure increased robustness and performance but also introduce novel protein inference analysis software, empowering customers to discover unknown proteins in their samples,” said Grace Johnston, chief commercial officer, Quantum-Si, in the press release. “With this launch, Quantum-Si is set to deliver unparalleled insights into protein characterization and function, catering to the evolving needs of our diverse customer base. Further, it reflects the value of next-generation protein sequencing as we expect that our platform will open new doors to unprecedented biologic insights and the molecules of life.”

Source: Quantum-Si