Plan Now to Share Your Expertise in 2020

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BioPharm International, BioPharm International-09-01-2019, Volume 32, Issue 9
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The editors welcome technical article contributions from biopharma industry experts.

September-the traditional back-to-school time-has arrived, and the annual holiday shopping season is sure to follow quickly. Personally, I don’t like rushing the holidays and shop at the last minute. The publishing profession, however, forces me to plan and work well ahead of the calendar.

While we have yet to enter the last quarter of 2019, the editorial team is looking ahead to 2020, planning topics, special issues, and features that BioPharm International will cover next year. It is also prime time to remind readers of the opportunities to share knowledge about bioprocessing by contributing a technical article or peer-review paper to the publication.

Through peer-reviewed papers, technical articles, technology reports, regulatory and business columns, and expert commentary, BioPharm International publishes objective information related to process and formulation development, manufacturing, analytics, drug delivery, and business development topics in print magazines, digital publications, ebooks, and online at

Ways to contribute

Peer-review papers are a vital part of BioPharm International’s coverage of scientific and technical advances in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Four types of peer-review papers are considered: standard data-driven, novel research; topical literature or patent review; technical case studies/technical application notes; and science-based opinion papers. Manuscripts for peer-review papers are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis; papers are published in the order in which they are accepted by the editorial advisory board.

BioPharm International editors also welcome technical articles that are not peer-reviewed from experts at bio/pharmaceutical companies, regulatory authorities, industry suppliers, and consultants. The magazine’s editorial calendar lists the topics scheduled for the monthly print issues, supplements, ebooks, or online at All submissions are reviewed and edited by the editorial team; final publication is determined by the editors.


Ideas for contributions should be discussed with the editors four months prior to the publication date. The editors will review an abstract (250 words) describing the article focus and other details. If the topic is suitable, a word count-typically 1800–2000 words-and deadline are assigned. Final articles, figures, and signed license agreements are due approximately two months prior to publication.

The article/paper must be objective and cannot promote a company or its products. It must be original and submitted to BioPharm International on an exclusive basis. And, all authors must sign a license agreement that provides BioPharm International permission to publish the original article and its associated figures/tables in print and online.

Share your knowledge

The editors also interview industry experts from biopharma companies, contract service providers, industry suppliers, regulatory authorities, and consulting groups for technical articles on drug development and manufacturing topics. And, similar to contributed articles, responses to questions must be objective and non-promotional. To be considered for an interview, consult the editorial calendar for scheduled topics and contact the editors approximately four months prior to the publication date.

Learn more

BioPharm International’s 2020 editorial calendar, which lists topics scheduled for publication next year, plus sample articles, and an online form to submit an article idea to the editors are available on the Submission Guidelines page on

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BioPharm International
Vol. 32, No. 9
September 2019
Page: 6


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