Pistoia Alliance and Matador Japan Collaborate to Accelerate Research

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The collaboration between the Pistoia Alliance and Matador Japan will work to accelerate research and promote access to a global pharmaceutical ecosystem.

The Pistoia Alliance, a global not-for-profit alliance in life sciences R&D, announced a new partnership with Matador Japan, a software development company, on June 14, 2023, under which the two entities will accelerate research and promote Japan’s access to the global pharmaceutical ecosystem.

Through the partnership, Pistoia Alliance and Matador expect to create further networking and interest groups in the Japanese language and in a time-zone from which member organizations in the region can directly benefit. R&D activities by Japanese pharmaceutical companies have significantly focused in areas such as targeted immunotherapy, the human microbiome, and neurology. Member organizations can gain access to global expertise in these fields with this partnership between Pistoia Alliance and Matador, according to a company press release.

“This partnership marks an exciting stage in the Pistoia Alliance’s evolution. Japan is the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world, and we believe it can benefit from the pre-competitive collaboration the Alliance has long been offering members in regions including Europe and North America,” said Becky Upton, president, Pistoia Alliance, in the press release. “We’ve already had Japanese members, including Takeda, QunaSys, Chugai, and National Cancer Hospital East, benefit from being part of the Alliance and contribute to advances in exciting areas such as quantum computing. Our work alongside Matador will offer even more Japanese companies the same opportunities.”


“The … pre-competitive collaboration happening within the Pistoia Alliance presents great opportunity for the vibrant Japanese life sciences sector,” said John Bolger, CEO, Matador, in the press release. “Matador was founded to build a bridge between overseas technology firms and Japanese pharmaceutical companies, and collaboration is critical to this aim. We work to accelerate the implementation of the latest technologies and innovations to support R&D in Japan and bringing Matador under the Pistoia Alliance umbrella will help us further that mission.”

Source: Pistoia Alliance