Novo Nordisk Expands R&D Facility in China

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Novo Nordisk is investing $100 million to expand its R&D facilities in Beijing, China. The company estimates that the new 12,000-m2 (129,167 ft2) center will make it possible to increase the number of science employees from the current 130 to 200, with extra space available to accommodate additional future growth.

Novo Nordisk has invested $100 million in expanding its research center in Beijing, China, to 12,000 m2 (129,167 ft2).

The extra space will accommodate future growth in protein technology, biology, and pharmacology research activities, fulfilling the company’s key strategic objective to develop the full range of protein research capabilities in China. The expansion will also encourage stronger contributions from the science team in China, which currently consists of 130 scientists and is expected to increase to 200 at the new site.

The Beijing site has already contributed significantly to Novo Nordisk’s R&D portfolio in various biopharmaceutical disease areas, including diabetes.


“We see the investment in this new R&D facility as a win-win opportunity for both Novo Nordisk and China. Novo Nordisk recognizes the strong science being performed in China and we want to bring innovation from Chinese scientists into our company to help tackle the growing burden of diabetes and other chronic diseases throughout the world,” Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, chief science officer and executive vice president of Novo Nordisk said in a .

The R&D center, located in Beijing’s Zhongguancun Life Science Park, was first established in 2002. According to the company, it has since developed into a center of excellence for molecular biology, protein chemistry and cell biology. The statement also adds that Novo Nordisk was the first international biopharmaceutical company to develop R&D operations in China in 1997.