Novo Nordisk Expands Insulin Manufacturing Facility in India

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In partnership with Indian pharmaceutical firm, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Novo Nordisk has expanded an insulin manufacturing facility at Torrent’s Indrad, Gujarat, India site.

Novo Nordisk and its partner, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, an Indian pharmaceutical company, have expanded an insulin manufacturing facility at Torrent’s site in Indrad, Gujarat, India, Torrent announced on Dec. 11, 2017.

The Indrad facility manufactures bulk drugs/active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) as well as solid-oral dosage and liquid dosage formulations. Since August 2005, a part of Torrent’s parenteral facility has been exclusively dedicated for the formulation and packaging of insulin for Novo Nordisk.

“With the expansion of the facility at Indrad, we reiterate our commitment to ensuring the provision of affordable, quality insulin for people with diabetes. At Novo Nordisk, we are committed to addressing the growing diabetes burden by working with likeminded stakeholders to change diabetes,” said Frederik Kier, senior vice president, Region AAMEO, Novo Nordisk, in a company press release.

Melvin D’souza, managing director, Novo Nordisk India, said in the press release: “The growth of diabetes in India is alarming and people with diabetes have a right to access affordable, quality medication. Through this partnership, we will continue to ensure the provision of cost-effective yet high-quality medication.”


Novo Nordisk and Torrent Pharmaceuticals have a 25-year partnership in India, which began in 1992 with the manufacture and launch of insulin in 40 IU vials. An integrated manufacturing and vial-packaging plant was inaugurated later in 2009.

Source: Torrent Pharmaceuticals