Nitto Avecia Expands Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Capacity

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Avecia is adding drug substance capacity at its Milford, MA manufacturing site.

Nitto Avecia Inc. (Avecia) is expanding its analytical development and oligonucleotide manufacturing capacities, the company announced in a Nov. 14, 2016 press release. Avecia continues to increase its oligonucleotide drug substance manufacturing capacity in Milford, MA along with the addition of drug product capacity in Irvine, CA and analytical development capabilities in Irvine, CA and Marlboro, MA.

Earlier in 2016, a new 300-mmol synthesizer was started up in Milford, and in 2017, a new facility at the site will add more than 1.5 mol capacity for oligonucleotide drug substance manufacturing. Analytical development laboratory and office personal now staff a new 6500-ft2 facility in Marlboro, MA. The Marlboro facility is complemented by Nitto Avecia Pharma Services, a new company located in Irvine, CA that was created as a result of Avecia’s recent acquisition of Irvine Pharmaceutical Services and Avrio Biopharmaceuticals.

“Nitto Avecia Pharma Services is the perfect complement to our oligonucleotide drug substance services and a key step in our strategic growth plans. Avecia Group now offers manufacturing and development services on the East Coast, West Coast and in the Midwest at our Cincinnati facility,” said Avecia’s president, Detlef Rethage, in the press release.  


As part of its planned growth, Avecia anticipates it will add many additional full-time jobs over the next three months.

Source: Avecia