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BioFlo 310 Benchtop Fermentor; Chromatography Sorbents for Protein Purification

BioFlo 310 Benchtop Fermentor

New Brunswick Scientific’s (Edison, NJ,

) compact new BioFlo 310 benchtop autoclavable fermentor can regulate up to 32 process parameters in up to four vessels, simultaneously (over 120 parameters total). Built-in controls let operators easily integrate up to 10 sensors, scales, gas analyzers, or other external devices for total process control. Set-up, calibration, trend graphing, recipes, and more are entered and viewed on a large, 15-in. touchscreen interface. Available with interchangeable vessels, 1.6 to 14 L, and numerous options.


Chromatography Sorbents for Protein Purification

Pall Corporation (East Hills, NY, has introduced two new chromatography sorbents for protein purification. The Pall BioSepra PPA and HEA HyperCe mixed-mode sorbents equip process chromatographers with new chemistries and new separation options for purifying proteins for higher yield and recovery under selected conditions. The HEA and PPA HyperCel sorbents provide process chromatographers with additional selectivity options (ranging from orthogonal to other chromatography steps) for protein capture or fractionation.