New Isolator for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

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SKAN’s new Cellana isolator is designed for GMP manufacturing of ATMPs.

SKAN’s new Cellana isolator is designed for good manufacturing practice (GMP) manufacturing of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), particularly GMP manufacturing of cell and gene therapies. A modular design allows different components to be integrated as needed for the specific process, and it can be integrated with semi-automatic or automated filling systems.

The modular Cellana-M series uses predesigned modules and equipment interfaces to deploy different solutions, such as an optional detachable incubator interface. Rapid transfer options allow secure transfer of living cells and other fragile material without damage from sterilants or cryopreservatives.

The Cellana-L series provides flexibility and scalability using an L-flange design. The L-flange has been adapted to interface with complex lab equipment and processes, as well as robotic aseptic vial filling equipment, such as the Crystal Cellana L1 technology that processes the Ready-to-fill AT-Closed Vials. This design can take product from initial cells to final product in one isolator system.


The isolators use technology already established in SKAN’s other isolators, such as the skanfog decontamination technology and a catalytic convertor that completely decomposes hydrogen peroxide before the air is exhausted. This technology reduces the use of hydrogen peroxide and eliminates its waste stream.

Source: SKAN