Mitigating Human Error and Supporting Compliance with Smart Technology

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BioPharm International, BioPharm International Quality and Regulatory Sourcebook 2023, Volume 2023 eBook, Issue 1
Pages: 10–13

Technological advances hold promise for mitigating human error in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in quality assurance/quality control, by reducing the incidence of, and risk associated with, mistakes.

Facing new global challenges, pharmaceutical company leaders are looking to prioritize operational strategies to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving business environment. Recent events that range from the COVID-19 pandemic to new regulatory guidelines to economic inflation have required pharma manufacturers to find new ways to streamline workflows and minimize risks. Disruptions caused by the pandemic and related restrictions continue to impact supply chains and logistics worldwide. Additionally, many companies have shifted toward remote and hybrid working, and have increased their use of digital technologies to maintain business continuity and protect the health of employees.

These changes are accelerating the need for new innovations. One solution is the use of intelligent informatics in the pharmaceutical quality control (QC) laboratory to improve the quality and safety of drugs and reduce the risk of costly errors and recalls. However, while technology can simplify many workflows, it also comes with a learning curve and new burdens may be placed on its users. Pharma companies must determine the effectiveness of technological advancements and the potential challenges they may introduce in an environment like pharmaceutical quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC).


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Mike Wilson, QA/QC Strategy, Waters Corporation

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BioPharm International
eBook: Quality and Regulatory Sourcebook
March 2023
Pages: 10–13


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