mAb Capture and Viral Clearance Using a Multi-Column Chromatography Platform

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Webinar Date/Time: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Increase productivity and reduce costs for mAb purification. Learn how multi-column continuous chromatography can improve your mAb purification workflow and effectively reduce adventitious viruses.

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Event Overview:

Purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and their derivatives typically relies on multi-step processes in batch-mode for removal of impurities. However, with batch-mode purification, the end user encounters a significant increase in expenses, including costs of resin, hardware, buffers, and labor to cover extended processing times. Recent innovations in downstream mAb processing technology, multi-column chromatography (MCC) instrumentation, and pre-packed process columns have been shown to significantly decrease the costs associated with purification, as well as increase mAb purification productivity. Here, we demonstrate the benefits of MCC technology by presenting a two-step purification platform using a benchtop MCC system that can easily be scaled up to a production scale MCC system.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Increasing productivity and similar impurity removal using a multi-column chromatography process for robust mAb purification, as compared to batch purification.
  • Utilization of a two-step platform using multi-column chromatography and prepacked columns to reduce adventitious viruses in the presence of a physiological salt concentration and relatively low pH.
  • Using multi-column chromatography instrumentation and pre-packed process columns to decrease the costs associated with purification and increase mAb purification productivity.

Who Should Attend:

Chromatographers, method developers and process engineers who are involved with the development and platform design for purification of mAbs.


Marissa Heino
Product Specialist
Tosoh Bioscience

Marissa Heino completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware, majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Biomechanical Engineering. She is currently pursuing a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management (MEM) at Stevens Institute of Technology. Marissa joined Tosoh Bioscience in March of 2023 as a product specialist for multi-column chromatography (MCC) on the Octave™ MCC systems. Marissa's work revolves around developing a deep understanding of MCC technology offered by Tosoh Bioscience to educate and transition customers to MCC and continuous manufacturing.

Abbie Breton
Applications Scientist
Tosoh Bioscience

Abbie Breton completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from York College of Pennsylvania. Her previous industry experience is in the testing of protein purification and analytical methods for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), specifically in viral clearance testing of downstream purification processes. She joined Tosoh Bioscience in 2019 as a research and development scientist, working to develop the SkillPak™ line of pre-packed process chromatography columns. Now as an applications scientist, her primary focus is testing novel uses of Tosoh Bioscience’s Octave™ multi-column chromatography instrumentation for the purification of mA

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