Lilly Completes Spate of Acquisitions

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The completion of three acquisitions of Versanis Bio, Sigilon Therapeutics, and DICE Therapeutics boosts Eli Lilly and Company’s product pipeline in obesity, diabetes, and immunology.

Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) has announced the completion of several previously announced acquisitions: Versanis Bio (Versanis), Sigilon Therapeutics (Sigilon), and DICE Therapeutics (DICE), all of which were concluded in August 2023.

The Versanis acquisition includes that company’s lead asset, bimagrumab, a monoclonal antibody currently in Phase IIb development for treating obesity. Under the agreement, Versanis shareholders stand to receive up to $1.925 billion in cash, which includes an upfront payment and subsequent payments based on the achievement of certain development and sales milestones, according to an Aug. 14, 2023 company press release. Lilly had announced its intent to acquire Versanis Bio in July 2023 (1).

"Combining our current incretin portfolio, including tirzepatide, with activin receptor blockers such as bimagrumab, could be the next major step in innovative treatments for those living with cardiometabolic diseases, [such as] obesity," said Ruth Gimeno, group vice-president, diabetes, obesity, and cardiometabolic research, Lilly, in the company press release. "The wealth of knowledge that our new colleagues from Versanis will bring to Lilly will propel our research and development efforts forward, ultimately benefiting patients around the world."

The Sigilon acquisition, first announced by Lilly in June 2023 (2), boosts Lilly’s R&D capabilities in encapsulated cell therapies for treating type 1 diabetes and includes a lead candidate, SIG-002. According to a company press release, Lilly offered $14.92 per share of Sigilon common stock, an aggregate of approximately $34.6 million (2).


Finally, the $2.4 billion ($48 per share) DICE acquisition, initially announced in June 2023 (3), expands Lilly's immunology portfolio. It adds DICE's novel oral therapeutic candidates for treating chronic diseases in immunology, including oral interleukin-17 (IL-17) inhibitors, to Lilly’s pipeline. The IL-17 inhibitors are currently in clinical development, according to a company press release.


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Source: Eli Lilly and Company for Versanis Bio, Sigilon Therapeutics, and DICE Therapeutics acquisitions