Life Science Sterile Filtration and Considerations for Single Use Integration

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Webinar Date/Time: Thu, Jul 27, 2023 11:00 AM EDT

Sterile filtration is critical within manybioprocessing steps, upstream and downstream, where performance, safety andquality are important. Discover how filtration manufacturers optimize materialsto maximize performance and integration within single-use systems.

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Event Overview:

The focus of this webinar is on sterile filtration and critical filtration parameters that impact integration within single-use systems, including Pre-use Post Sterilization Integrity Testing (PUPSIT) considerations.

Sterile filtration is critical within many bioprocessing steps, upstream and downstream, where product performance and quality are important. Sterile filtration at a retention level of 0.2 micron allows for the removal of microorganisms and/or contaminants from product fluid streams and provides sterile effluents for further processing.

To maximize performance of a filter, a membrane’s parameters and a filter’s form factor design parameters can be optimized for ease of integration into single-use systems. This allows for a single-use assembly to be efficient while minimizing footprint and maximizing performance via connectivity, geometry and function. Single-use design considerations with filtration integration, in PUPSIT for example, are critical and need to be considered for efficient processing. Entegris is a leading filtration manufacturer. Presenters with expertise in the field will discuss the value proposition of optimizing sterile filtration by design and how it integrates into single-use systems while maximizing performance.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Better understand manufacturer material optimization
  • Learn about membrane and capsule design configuration to maximize performance
  • Optimize single use integration with filtration
  • Consider variables that impact PUPSIT design

Who Should Attend

  • MS&T Engineers/Scientists (Manufacturing Science & Technology)
  • Process Development Engineers/Scientists
  • Associate/Senior Directors of Process Sciences and Manufacturing
  • Upstream/Downstream Scientists
  • Formulation Scientists


Chris Rios
Senior Field Applications Engineer
Entegris Inc.

Chris Rios has 9-plus years’ experience working in Life Sciences with a focus in single-use components and sterile filtration. He has held multiple technical roles supporting end users in bioprocessing and medical device development and has co-developed engineering solutions. Before joining Entegris, Chris worked at Millipore Sigma and Saint-Gobain. He received his Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering and Economics, and is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Bioengineering from George Mason University.

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