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Integrated systems combine functions.

Whatever your product – parenteral, solid dose, inhalable, liquid, transdermal – you will find packaging innovations at INTERPHEX 2023 (April 25-27, Javits Center, New York, NY). Quality control is always strongly represented, but labelers, containers, filling lines, and systems that support traceability and sustainability also will be displayed across the show floor.

Quality control

A high-speed x-ray inspection system checks pharmaceutical blister packs and pouches at speeds up to 400 ft (120 m)/min. The compact X34C x-ray inspection system from METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection measures only 28 in (700 mm) long to occupy minimal space and simplify integration on the line. A checkweigher and combination checkweigher vision system also will be demonstrated. The Starweigh checkweigher checks the weight of small, unstable, lightweight products at up to 300 parts/min with accuracies of +/- 5 mg. The integrated CV35 checkweigher/vision system features a compact footprint, detects over- and under-filled products, and performs side, top, and bottom inspection (1).

Another inspection system, the Visual Rotating Inspection (VRI)series from Antares Vision Group, confirms closure integrity at rates up to 600/min using high-voltage, vacuum, and headspace gas analysis. It also detects cosmetic defects and particles and checks fill level. The VRI unit can inspect liquids in viscosities ranging from water-like to oily, suspension, gel, and emulsion. The system also checks crimping quality, flip-off color, neck-shoulder sidewalls, and stopper position. Optional add-on features include code verification, optical character recognition/optical character verification, and serialization (2).

A serialization-readycombination system from Wipotec integrates three functions: traceability, checkweighing, and tamper evidence/anticounterfeiting. The TQS-HC-A-TE machine offers precision weight monitoring, tamper-evident labeling, and serialization support such as in-line printing of batch or unique product identifiers, print verification, and the ability to add sensory data to a product’s unique identifier. Tamper-evident labeling systems seal folding cartons or apply additional anticounterfeiting vignettes (3).

Automated line clearance software, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), will be introduced on a machine from Marchesini Group. The system, developed by SEA Vision Group and ARGO Vision, relies on AI algorithms along with cameras and sensors to automate line clearance. Digitizing the clearing and cleaning phases and automating the checking phase prevents errors, reduces downtime, boosts product safety, and increases the line’s overall equipment effectiveness. Part of the Industry 4.0 software suite yudoo, smart clearance technology AI algorithms analyze the inspected scenes in-depth and in real-time, immediately identifying any mispositioned machine parts, foreign objects, or products passing through the unit (5).

SEA Vision also will demonstrate vision hardware and software combinations to inspect injectables. ChecKIT360 and ChecKITassembly kits can be installed on any vial or syringe filling and capping machine, as well as on syringe assembly machines. The systems can check for vial crimping defects, flip-off presence and color, stopper/cap presence and position, correct syringe assembly, and syringe label presence (4).


BellatRx has introduced the Notaris Plus pressure-sensitive labeler. The all-servo machine offers 100% speed-synchronized labeling, fast changeover, and ease of use. Capable of labeling up to 100 containers/min, the unit features integrated lot code and expiration date printing and visual inspection of labels and printing. A serialization package is available for track and trace requirements (5).

NJM, a ProMach product brand, plans to display its Courser 230 labeler. It can be configured to handle an array of containers including vials, syringes, bottles, ampules, cartridges, centrifuge tubes, auto-injectors, and other small or unstable packages. Design features include a trunnion starwheel for positive handling and a vertical label spool dispenser, which improves ergonomics and labeling accuracy. An optional thermal-transfer or laser printer can be installed to print variable data, including serialized data, on pre-printed or blank labels before application. Other options include a print inspection system, a label removal system that ensures incorrectly printed labels are reconciled on a separate web, and a label placement inspection system that identifies packages with missing labels and triggers a downstream reject device (6).



Sustainability is one of the topics at the INTERPHEX Technical Theater. The session, Sustainability Packaging and Contemporary Cartoner Design, is sponsored by Rotzinger Pharmapack.


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