Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission Joins Pharmacopoeial Discussion Group

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The commission’s membership will help facilitate reach and impact for standards harmonization.

The US Pharmacopeia (USP) announced on Oct. 5, 2023 that the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) is now a member of the Pharmacopoeial Discussion Group (PDG). The PDG was established by the European Pharmacopoeia Commission (Ph. Eur.), Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP), and USP, with observation by The World Health Organization (WHO). The PDG facilitates harmonization of pharmacopoeial standards globally with a consistent level of science to reduce the burden on manufacturers to satisfy multiple requirements.

“IPC is honored to be considered for membership of the PDG,” said Rajeev Singh Raghuvanshi, PhD, secretary-cum-scientific director, IPC, in a press release. “Since becoming PDG’s pilot for expansion to its membership in October 2022, IPC has participated in PDG meetings and technical discussions, and submitted implementation timelines for various PDG standards. As a PDG member, we look forward to continuing to work to advance standards convergence around the world.”

“We warmly welcome IPC to PDG,” said Cathie Vielle, secretary to the European Pharmacopoeia Commission, in the release. “This is a milestone in PDG’s commitment to expanding recognition of harmonized pharmacopoeial standards. Working together will further advance convergence around robust science‐based quality standards across pharmacopoeias for the benefit of public health.”


“For over three decades, the original PDG members—including JP, Ph. Eur., and USP—have worked to increase the reach and impact of global standards harmonization efforts,” said Yoshiro Saito, PhD, deputy director general of the National Institute of Health Sciences and chair of the JP Expert Committee, in the release. “Adding IPC marks the culmination of several years of discussions on new member participation to help increase global access to quality medicines and ensure PDG’s continued success.”

“USP is delighted to welcome IPC as a PDG member following its successful participation in a year-long pilot for global expansion of PDG membership,” said Jaap Venema, PhD, executive vice president and chief science officer for USP, in the release. “It’s the latest step in the USP’s and PDG’s commitment to expand access to PDG quality standards by approximately 1.3 billion people, as well as to the Indian pharmaceutical industry as a major manufacturer of the world’s medicines.”

Source: USP