ImmunoVaccine Technologies Partners with Scancell to Advance DNA Vaccine Delivery

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ImmunoVaccine Technologies, Inc. (IVT) has formed a research agreement with Scancell, Ltd. to explore the potential of using IVT's DepoVax delivery system for Scancell's ImmunoBody DNA vaccines.

ImmunoVaccine Technologies, Inc. (IVT, Halifax, Nova Scotia) has formed aresearch agreement with Scancell, Ltd. (Nottingham, UK), to explore the potential of using IVT’sDepoVax delivery system for Scancell’s ImmunoBody DNA vaccines.

DepoVax is a vaccine-enhancement and delivery platform comprised of liposomes, adjuvants, and oil. DepoVax enhances the immunogenicity of antigens in general, and can be used to enhance the delivery of polynucleotide-based antigens and SiRNA to lymph nodes. IVT has proven its scale-up capabilities at a contract manufacturing plant, making DepoVax amenable to commercialization.