Identifying Outsourcing Marketing Trends

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BioPharm International, Partnerships for Outsourcing, May 2023 eBook, Volume 2023 eBook, Issue 2
Pages: 4-6

Outsourcing collaborations provide insight into the key drivers of market growth.

The pharmaceutical outsourcing market is uniquely poised for significant growth. A recent market report from Growth+ Markets estimated that the market could grow from a 2021 valuation of $125 billion to as much as $227.8 billion by 2030, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 6.9% (1). That said, simply measuring net growth lacks the context for actionable information if one fails to identify the market segments that are driving said growth.

One effective way of identifying these growth drivers is to look to the major players in the pharma market. By following the moves of pharma giants, upcoming trends can be identified ahead of their full emergence in the broader outsourcing market. This article examines some recent moves made by big name companies to determine what may be lurking over the horizon.

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Grant Playter is associate editor with BioPharm International.

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BioPharm International
eBook: Partnerships for Outsourcing
May 2023
Pages: 4-6


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