Hyalo Technologies Unveils Room Temperature Drug-Stabilizing Technology

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This new technology could eliminate the need for cold chain storage, transport, and distribution of temperature-sensitive molecules.

Hyalo Technologies, a US-based biopharmaceutical company has unveiled a new patented technology, called Sterilization with the Hyalo Matrix. This new method adds a matrix to enhance stability, allow for sterilization without degradation, and allow maintenance of drug efficacy at room temperature. The ability to remain stable at room temperature will ease up global distribution and reduce dependency on cold chain distribution of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, including genetic materials, attenuated viruses, viral vectors, biologics, antibodies, biosimilars, protein subunits, nanosuspensions, and small and large molecules, the company reported in a March 29, 2021 press release.

Furthermore, when added to the drug molecule, the matrix can also effectively be sterilized, preventing degradation and preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive materials.

The company's latest studies yielded positive results, which showed that the Hyalo Matrix is able to protect and enhance the stability of various biologics, antibodies, and biosimilars. After the matrix was added to each of these types of drug molecules and sterilized, the drugs were analyzed, with ≥ 95% of the drug molecules recovered. These results show the Hyalo Matrix helps preserve efficacy and enhance stability of each drug molecule.

Currently under the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine manufacturers have been having issues with scaling up manufacturing as well as delayed distribution, bringing cold chain logistics into the spotlight. Hyalo Technologies reported in its press release that the current stats for cold chain logistics are as follows:

  • Roughly 80% of drugs require temperature-controlled transportation, and that trend is on the rise.
  • Cold chain requires close consideration of factors, including shipping modes, climate zones, storage capabilities, and healthcare settings.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers, and others risk the loss of temperature-sensitive products and, therefore, the loss of billions of dollars as evidenced by following:
    • 30% of discarded pharmaceuticals can be attributed solely to cold chain logistics issues
    • 25% of vaccines reach their destination degraded because of incorrect storage and transport during shipping
    • 20% of temperature-sensitive products are damaged during transport because the cold chain has been broken at some point in the process.

"This new technology could eradicate the need for cold chain storage and transport as a drug can now be stable at room temperature, which will make global distribution quicker and more eficient," said Shalabh Jain, chairman and CEO of Hyalo Technologies, in the press release.

"This game-changing technology has the potential to enhance drug delivery and distribution," said Bob Oliver, executive advisor and board member of Hyalo Technologies, in the press release.

Source: Hyalo Technologies