Gyros Protein Technologies and Cygnus Technologies to Develop Impurity Reagent Sets

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The collaboration continues as the companies design bioprocess impurity reagent sets to detect residual HCP from HEK 293 cells.

Continuing their collaboration, Gyros Protein Technologies and Cygnus Technologies introduce a new HEK 293 host cell protein (HCP) immunoassay solution. The Cygnus HEK 293 HCP Assay Reagent Set for Gyrolab, a planned ready-to-use bioprocess impurity reagent, uses the Gyrolab platform, which will be developed by Cygnus.

The two companies’ previous collaboration yielded a successful launch of the ready-to-use Gyrolab CHO, HCP, and Escherichia coli HCP kits. Now, the companies are expanding the partnership to develop ready-to-use bioprocess impurity reagent sets.

The immunoassay solution is designed for use with the Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000HC Toolbox. It detects residual HCP from HEK 293 cells and is often used in viral vector production for cell and gene therapies as well as for manufacturing vaccines.


Source: Gyros Protein