GEA Launches New Twin-screw Pumps for Hygienic Applications

Published on: 

GEA began supplying the new GEA Hilge Novatwin hygienic twin-screw pump line.

The GEA Hilge Novatwin hygienic, stainless-steel twin-screw pump, part of the GEA Varipump line, is now available in six sizes. GEA says the pump can be used for pharmaceutical products including nutraceuticals, blood products, vaccines, enzymes, and cell cultures.

Twin-screw pumps are positive displacement pumps and offer gentle conveyance of shear-sensitive and abrasive media; they can also pump liquids of different viscosities. The pumps can also be operated at high speeds for functioning as a clean-in-place (CIP) pump.


According to the press release, the self-priming GEA Hilge Novatwin enables safe operation with low pulsation and low noise levels at high product viscosities, temperatures up to 135 °C, and differential pressures up to 25 bar. The system pressure of 30 bar also allows the pump to be used in high-pressure applications. The pump handles both sensitive, viscous media at low speed and cleaning media in the CIP process at up to 3000 rpm. 

Source: GEA