GEA Introduces Pharma Separator Equipment

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GEA’s plug-and-produce skids are designed for multi-product pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical separation.

GEA’s new portfolio of “plug & produce” pharma separator skid units, including the new “aseptic” line and the new “pure” line, are designed for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical downstream processes.

Hygienic processes that can use the aseptic separator system include separation or harvesting for vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, insulin, starter cultures, and probiotic products. The pure line was developed for diverse process requirements in applications such as nutritional supplements, therapeutic proteins, pharmaceutical extractions, and extracellular and intracellular enzyme recovery. The aseptic unit includes automatic clean-in-place and steam-sterilization-in-place systems, and these are an option on the pure unit.

The aseptic and pure skid units were designed for rapid changeover for multi-product manufacturing. In GEA’s flexChange concept, three exchangeable separator bowls covering feed solid contents from five to 30% by volume can be used on a line. In addition, the flexiCon nozzle separator, used with the flexiCon nozzle bowl, offers the ability to adjust the nozzle without stopping the production process.


Source: GEA