Fluid Air Launches Enhanced Magnaflo Filter Blowback System

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Improvements to Fluid Air’s Magnaflo filter blowback system are intended to increase powder yield in PolarDry Models 001 and 004.

Fluid Air, a division of Spraying Systems, announced the launch of its enhanced Magnaflo assembly on Feb. 2, 2023. The upgrades are intended to increase powder yield through a more effective method of clearing product from the process filters.

The Magnaflo is a filter blowback system compatible with the PolarDry Models 001 and 004 electrostatic spray dryers, According to a company press release, the upgraded system is designed to speed up feed rates, ease processing of fine and sticky particles, and reduce both energy and nitrogen consumption.

“We are committed to continuous improvement,” said Michel Thenin, president, Fluid Air, in the release. “Our customers demand smart and efficient technology, and we are proud to add the enhanced Magnaflo system to our award-winning PolarDry product lineup.”


Source: Fluid Air