Featured Resources for Glycan Analysis

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N-Glycan Analysis: Better Together
In this brochure, you will learn about Agilent solutions for sample preparation for N-glycans to support your LC/FLD/MS and CE workflows.

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Development of a Rapid 2-AB Sample Preparation Workflow for N-Glycan Release and Labeling
In this application note, we will present the development and application of a rapid N-glycan sample preparation workflow using a five-minute in solution deglycosylation step followed by direct on-matrix 2-AB labeling and cleanup. Without the need for a dry down step, samples are ready for analysis in approximately 2 hours.

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Profiling Glycosylation of Monoclonal Antibodies at Three Levels Using the Agilent 6545XT AdvanceBio LC/Q-TOF
Access this application note to discover how our Q-TOF LC/MS solutions can help you in the analysis of glycoforms on the intact and reduced mAbs molecules as well as in the analysis of released glycan.

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Glycopeptide Characterization for Various Monoclonal Antibodies Using the Agilent 6545XT AdvanceBio LC/Q-TOF
In this application note, you will learn about glycopeptide analysis. This workflow shows results not only in glycan-relative quantitation, but also N-glycosylation site(s) information.

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