Examining Microbubble Cell Separation Techniques with Brandon McNaughton

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Brandon McNaughton, founder and CEO of Akadeum Life Sciences, discusses his start-up’s unique microbubble separation technology.


Brandon McNaughton, founder and CEO of Akadeum Life Sciences, stops by to talk about his start-up’s microbubble separation technology with Grant Playter, associate editor. McNaughton discusses the founding and management of Akadeum, the company’s unique microbubble separation technique, and the state of cell and gene therapies, among others.

About the speaker

Akadeum CEO and co-founder Brandon McNaughton, PhD is an award-winning inventor and scientist with over 15 years of experience working with magnetic beads and nanoparticles. His experience includes the development of new types of particles, separation, and biosensors. Brandon brings previous startup experience in the life sciences and venture capital. He is also a recognized expert in customer discovery and in using human-centered design for high technology applications. Before Akadeum, he served as entrepreneur in residence for Detroit Innovate, an early-stage venture fund facilitated by Invest Detroit. He also founded and served as chief technology officer of venture capital-backed startup Life Magnetics. He earned a Ph.D. in applied physics from the University of Michigan.