Emmes Launches Cell and Gene Therapy Center

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Emmes’ new facility is designed to support clients conducting cell and gene therapy research worldwide.

Emmes, a global clinical research organization, announced the creation of a dedicated cell and gene therapy center on Dec. 8, 2022. The facility, which will have a team of 100 researchers, is designed to support clients conducting global research in this area and will support clinical trials for clients developing cell and gene therapies across various therapeutic areas, including hematology, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, and rare diseases.

“Our reputation and the growth opportunities in cell and gene therapy research drove the decision to establish the center. We have supported more than 125 clinical trials that integrate cell or gene therapies and have a long record of successful collaboration with leading investigators in this field,” said Christine Dingivan, CEO, Emmes, in a company press release. “This new center centralizes our resources and facilitates expansion in our current strengths to other high-potential areas where we’re building expertise.”

“Emmes’ Cell and Gene Therapy Center will harmonize our diverse credentials across multiple therapeutic areas and functions under one roof, allowing our best practices and expertise to be leveraged even more efficiently in this complex environment of evolving therapies,” said Adam Mendizabal, vice-president, Emmes, in the release.


Source: Emmes