Ecolab Life Sciences and Repligen Launch New Affinity Resin for Commercial Biologics Manufacturing

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Ecolab Life Sciences and Repligen introduce DurA Cycle, a new affinity resin for large-scale biologics manufacturing.

Ecolab’s Purolite resin business has launched DurA Cycle, a protein A chromatography resin for large-scale purification processes, together with Repligen in June 2024. The resin was introduced at BIO 2024, which occurred on June 3–6 in San Diego, Calif.

The new resin is designed for the large-scale commercial manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and represents the latest addition to Purolite's toolbox. In the past 18 months, Purolite launched two other new resins that address purification challenges related to the increasingly complex drugs progressing through the industry pipeline.

“The launch of DurA Cycle chromatography resin underscores Ecolab’s 100-year heritage of innovation and ongoing investment in Purolite, reaffirming our commitment to the bioprocessing industry. This new resin enables biologic developers to increase manufacturing efficiencies, reduce their cost of goods, and accelerate the delivery of innovation to the clinic,” said Srini Paluri, senior vice-president and general manager at Purolite, in a June 3, 2024, company press release.

This latest resin launch follows Purolite’s earlier investment in a new bioprocessing production facility in Landenberg, Pa. The Landenberg expansion includes the construction of resin production facilities, cleanrooms, laboratories, and new office space. There is also additional space available at the site for future expansion. This site will be Purolite’s fourth location in Pennsylvania and its sixth manufacturing facility globally. The Landenberg site is expected to significantly expand production capacity and to add more than 150 skilled jobs in the area over the next five years (1).

The Landenberg facility will produce high-quality agarose chromatography resin for the downstream purification of mAbs and recombinant proteins. It will also support the purification of new modalities such as cell therapy, gene therapy, and messenger RNA-based therapeutics. With the expanded production capacity offered by the Landenberg site, Purolite expects to better support innovators worldwide with purification resin capabilities that increase yield, optimize productivity, and reduce time-to-market (1).


The Landenberg facility complements Purolite’s Wales, UK-based facility by providing manufacturing capabilities across two world regions. The earlier manufacturing expansion in the UK site is expected to triple Purolite’s production capacity of innovative resins (2).

“The bioprocessing industry is seeking partnerships that can effectively address the most complex challenges in biologic manufacturing. Our collaboration with Purolite, an Ecolab Company, advances industry progress by delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet these demands. Together, we are paving the way for the future of bioprocessing,” said Ralf Kuriyel, vice-president of R&D, Repligen, in the press release.


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