Dyadic and bYoRNA Collaborate on Production of mRNA

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The companies plan on targeting the production of abundant, low-cost messenger RNA from C1-cells.

Dyadic International, a biotechnology company that builds microbial platforms, announced on Sept. 26, 2023 a collaboration with bYoRNA SAS, a French biotechnology company developing scalable mRNA bioproduction platforms. The development and commercialization agreement the companies have entered into includes work on disruptive bioproduction technologies to use the therapeutic potential of messenger RNA (mRNA).

“I am excited to announce this development and commercialization agreement to explore the potential to utilize our C1 protein production platform to produce high-quality messenger RNA products at lower cost, which will be easier to manufacture than in-vitro mRNA, making it accessible to everyone, including patients from poorer countries. The global mRNA vaccine and therapeutics market was valued at US$34.7 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach US$68.1 billion by 2030, making this an extremely valuable potential opportunity for both companies to enter the rapidly expanding market for mRNA-based vaccines and therapies,” said Mark Emalfarb, Dyadic’s chief executive officer, in a press release. “If this collaboration is successful, Dyadic has the potential to receive certain defined milestone and royalty payments from bYoRNA and the ability to obtain a license to the BRNA [bio RNA] platform,” Mr. Emalfarb concluded.

“The COVID-19 pandemic brought mRNA technology to the forefront, showing its potential to prevent and treat diseases. Within this collaboration, we will combine our respective technologies to try to express ‘bio’ RNA from Dyadic’s eukaryotic C1 cells, to design, develop and commercialize messenger RNA products,” said Pascal Viguié, bYoRNA’s chief executive officer, in the release.


“We believe that by combining bYoRNA’s novel eukaryotic ‘bio’ RNA platform with Dyadic’s industrially proven C1 protein production platform, we will be able to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a more cost-efficient platform for manufacturing large quantities of lower cost mRNA, enabling access to mRNA vaccines and drugs to a broader global population,” said Thierry Ziegler, bYoRNA’s chief technology officer, in the press release.

Source: Dyadic