Drug Digest: Improving Aseptic Processing and Manufacturing Needs

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In this episode of Drug Digest, industry experts discuss aseptic processing and manufacturing, including what the future holds in this area and the barriers involved with automated aseptic processing practices.


Aseptic processing is important to almost every step of the manufacturing process for pharmaceuticals, like formulation, filling, and inspection (1). According to recent research, this market is expected to be valued at $83 million (USD) and to increase approximately 6.7% in the next ten years (2).

With more growth comes more challenges, and these industry practices need to be refined for the best execution with each pharmaceutical created.

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Interview featuring:

Dan Strange, CTO at Cellular Origins. Dan has been working at the intersection of engineering and biology for almost 15 years. Following his PhD in regenerative medicine at the University of Cambridge, Dan joined TTP plc’s medical devices group, working with top 10 pharmaceutical companies to develop drug devices for complex medicines. He is an inventor on 20 patents, ranging from microneedle platforms to automated bioprocessing systems. Dan is passionate about the potential for cell therapies to cure some of the most devastating diseases of our time, and has been an active member of various automation working groups looking to bring these therapies to scale. He has been involved in the development of 4 modular cell therapy manufacturing systems ranging from cell selection to expansion, and is now focused on the development of Cellular Origins’ closed, robotic platform for scalable and efficient cell therapy manufacture.

Richard Denk, senior consultant of Aseptic Processing & Containment at SKAN AG. Richard was a member of the Annex 1 -ISPE Commenting Teamand is the current co-chair of the ISPE European Affiliate Council, chair of the Containment CoP, and Future Robotics of the ISPE DACH. Richard is Author and Member of the PDA ATMP Advisory Board and frequent international speaker.Richard has spent almost 30 years with the subject on Aseptic Processing and highly active / highly hazardous substances and has developed the containment pyramid.


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