Cytena Establishes Subsidiary in Taiwan

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Cytena Bioprocess Solutions, a new Cytena subsidiary in Taiwan, will provide bioprocess solutions for pharmaceutical companies and research institutes.

Cytena, based in Freiburg, Germany, announced in a July 23, 2019 press release that it is establishing its subsidiary, Cytena Bioprocess Solutions, in Taiwan. 

The subsidiary will provide bioprocess solutions for pharmaceutical companies and research institutes based on an innovative microbioreactor called C.Bird. The company says that the microbioreactor is the first to combine early-stage cell culture screening, monitoring, and optimization. The device enables customers to save several weeks of cell line development by selecting the right clones or cell cultures very early in the process.

"With the new R&D focused company, we want to further strengthen our global market position and open up new application areas and target markets,” said Jonas Schoendube, CEO of Cytena in Germany, in a press statement. “Our team in Taipei will enable us to be even closer to our Asian partners and use local R&D and production resources."  


"It is fantastic to be working with Cytena to bring to market a new leading-edge technology for cell line development,” said Charles Tsai, CEO of Cytena Bioprocess Solutions, in a press statement. “By establishing a site in Asia, Cytena will build new connections and enable fast delivery of our products to our global customers." 

Source: Cytena