Crown Bioscience Expands In-Vivo Capacity at UK Facility

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The additions to Crown Bioscience’s UK facility will increase and expand the company’s current in-vivo offering.

Crown Bioscience, a contract research organization, announced that it had completed the expansion and renovation of its United Kingdom facility on Dec. 7, 2021. The site, which already featured comprehensive in-vivo models (including orthotopic, metastatic, and systemic variations), now incorporates additional laboratory and office space that will increase capacity and expand the company’s current in-vivo offerings by 30%.

The new expansion also provides dedicated space for a newly acquired high frequency ultrasound unit. This specialized high-resolution imaging device is designed to increase the utility of two- and three-dimensional imaging without the need for cell line-tagging. According to a company press release, it also enables high precision guided inoculation/dosing of orthotopic and metastatic models. Furthermore, the company states that it will enable better longitudinal evaluation of tumor growth, as well as earlier, more detailed analytics on the tumor microenvironment.

“This expansion is a critical step in our ability to provide additional imaging modalities to better visualize and understand tumor progression and response to potential therapies,” said Yinfei Yin, general manager at Crown Bioscience UK, in the press release. “This additional imaging platform allows us to perform cutting-edge preclinical studies, offering our customers advanced insights on potential drug candidates before they enter clinical trials.”


“This site expansion is driven by increased customer demand for access to Crown Bioscience’s in-vivo services from the UK and mainland Europe, and allows us to build upon our innovative foundation to develop additional industry-leading technologies,” said Armin Spura, CEO of Crown Bioscience, in the press release. “Following our recent acquisition of OcellO B.V. and launch of our 3D Ex Vivo Patient Tissue Platform, this milestone enables Crown Bioscience to continue to use the power of partnership to unlock breakthroughs in drug discovery and, ultimately, to provide patients with better treatment options.”

Source: Crown Bioscience