CellGenix Adds Capacity for Cell Therapy Raw Materials

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CellGenix will add R&D, production, and warehouse space in Freiburg, Germany for GMP-grade raw materials for cell therapy, gene-therapy, and tissue-engineered products.

CellGenix, a global manufacturing leader of GMP-grade raw materials for cell therapy, gene therapy, and tissue-engineered products, is expanding its facilities. Through early 2018, research and development laboratory as well as production and warehouse space will be added to its headquarters in Freiburg, Germany. The company will also add large-scale filling capacities for recombinant protein products in the existing GMP facilities. The company will add personnel in research and development as well as quality control and production.

This expansion is a result of the company’s growth as more customers approach late-stage clinical development and commercialization. These advancements reflect the rapidly expanding cell- and gene-therapy space, as promising therapies approach market authorization and commercialization. The experienced industry growth and strong forecasts in cell and gene therapy lead to an increased demand in GMP-grade raw materials for production.

“The investment we are making is a very positive sign for the gene and cell therapy space and the future of CellGenix. It will allow us to fulfill the increasing demand for GMP-grade cytokines and serum-free media. It also shows the importance of high quality GMP reagents for safe, reliable, and successful cell and gene therapy manufacturing,” said Felicia Rosenthal, CEO of CellGenix, in a press release.